Meet Ashleigh

Director, Expressive Pathways, LLC.
Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Licensed Behavior Specialist

Board Certified Music Therapist

Expressive Pathways has been supporting the children of Central Pennsylvania since 2009.   

Our services focus solely on the needs of our clients - you, your child, and your family. 


Our initial meetings will outline and assess how our services can most benefit your family.   Based on our professional assessment, we can outline your child's strengths, areas of potential growth, and strive for the most developmentally significant goals and objectives moving forward.

With those goals in mind, we can collaborate as a team, working to develop a plan to align parents and caregivers to encourage and foster success across environments (school, home, community). 

Our goal is to not only identify and work towards those goals, but to maintain and ingrain over time.